Woodluxe stain by Benjamin Moore

Protection and Beauty for Your Decks and Fences

Protect and beautify your decks and fences with Benjamin Moore's Woodluxe stain. Available in water-based and oil-based versions, our stain provides durable protection against the elements while enhancing the natural beauty of wood in a single application.

Formulated to withstand weather and UV rays, Woodluxe stain protects wood from damage caused by prolonged exposure to sun, rain, and snow. With a range of rich and deep colors, our stain offers an elegant finish that highlights the texture and natural color of the wood.

Whether you choose the water-based or oil-based version, Woodluxe stain applies easily with a brush and roller for a uniform and professional finish. Thanks to its highly resistant formula, it offers long-lasting protection, reducing the frequency of reapplication and allowing you to enjoy your decks and fences for many years.

Benjamin Moore's Woodluxe is the ideal solution for those seeking both beauty and durability for their outdoor wood projects. Whether you are a professional or a homeowner, our stain products offer the quality and performance you are looking for.

Transform your decks and fences into works of art with Benjamin Moore's Woodluxe stain and enjoy long-lasting protection and beauty for your outdoor wood projects.